From day one, designing fivebyfive to be environmentally responsible has been one of our founding principles. The fashion industry is not known for its commitment to environmental practises, which is why it’s so important that we are able to offer an alternative. We pledge to foster this with honesty, authenticity and transparency through our design, manufacturing and communication processes. Although we are not 100% sustainable yet, we have been able to implement sustainable practices on much of our production journey, and as we evolve, we are determined to strive towards a more sustainable product.


Sustainable Materials

Bamboo –– 
fivebyfive is currently using Bamboo in our Origin range. Bamboo is a very fast-growing grass that doesn’t need as much water as cotton, requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots so it doesn’t need to be replanted.

Recycled Polyester ––

The fivebyfive Purpose range contains recycled polyester. The recycling process consumes less energy than the regular method, contributing to the reduction of petroleum extracted as well as reducing overall garment waste & extending the life-cycle of fabrics.

Hemp Twine –– 

Hemp twine is used to connect our hang tags to our garment. Hemp doesn’t need chemicals to grow, nor does it need much water, and it actually returns significant nutrients back into the soil in which it’s grown. Our Hemp twine is biodegradable.

100% Recycled Eco Packaging –– 

When you receive our product, it will come inside 100% recycled mailers made completely from waste by Eco Enclose. We use small notecards printed with eco-friendly inks that are fully recyclable. Notecards are naturally biodegradable and compostable. View their products here at:

Ethical Manufacturing

Our factory is always striving to meet their responsibility goals. Not only do they reduce their waste and are energy efficient, they care for their workers who are happy and healthy, and have good working conditions and fair wages.


Our fulfillment and shipping process is quick and efficient ensuring energy consumption is minimal. Garments are tightly folded and inserted in compact 100% recycled mailers. Mailers will rarely go out half full so we are always ensuring we are minimizing excess materials used.